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Promote Your Message. creates custom made database driven websites. In basic terms, if you need customers or staff to enter information into a website or database system and you have custom requirements, can do it. Our focus is high quality database systems using the latest technology, doing exactly what you want, and automating as much of a process as possible so the computer is doing the repetitive tasks rather than your staff.
We are now also branching into iOS native development to make Apps that synchronise with your database server to allow remote tasks to be done offline and updates synchronised with the central database when an internet connection is available.
Languages we use are PHP, MySQL (MariaDB), HTML5, Swift & others are used to construct a database designed specifically for your needs, using either a web interface, or starting now, there is the option of an iOS front end.

FinestSites aims to design web database solutions to do exactly what you need and we can make suggestions on ways to improve a system to make it as efficient as possible, particularly for the people using it so it's easy to use and not confusing. can make small or large systems. Though our focus is on database systems or database driven websites we also can make basic websites as well. If you need a database/website developer send us an email.

FinestSites is an Australian small business based in Adelaide, so you can expect competitive Australian quality database & web design. If you're looking for quality web design, you've come to the right place.

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